How To Lay A Patio + Supplementary Notes

Need to lay a patio? Here's how to do it...

A video tutorial of a patio construction by professional garden landscapers, with supplementary notes on calculating quantities and other patio related questions.

Garden Makeover and Landscaping Design Project:

Need a wonderful patio area that stands the test of time? See how the professionals do it!

A patio area can really enhance a garden, making it a clean and stable area for relaxing and entertaining.

Whether you are laying a patio next to the house, in the garden or under a pergola, the video and accompanying notes will make sure that you get it right the first time with no wobbly bits, and no need to re-lay sunken pavers after only a short time.

The video and notes show how to:
  • Dig out the area and lay the base.
  • Lay the slabs onto the mortar, using the best method and correct mix.
  • Cover unsightly drain covers.
  • Install drainage pipes, if needed.
  • Achieve the correct fall for drainage.
  • Point correctly, for a secure and lasting area.
  • Calculate quantities for paving, hardcore and mortar.
  • Lay paving under a pergola, garden structure or as a path.
The notes cover many frequently asked question, too.

See it done from start to finish, and create a feature that will last for years to come!

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